Problem Skin Shampoo

This product is formulated to help treat problem skin in general, and most specifically bad odors associated with sebum overproduction.

For thousands of years, sulphur has been recognized as an aseptic element that helps control many types of affections and infections. Combined with wheat germ oil that prevents skin irritation, cucumber juice (a gentle grease solvant), extract of eucalyptus (a sebacious calming agent) and wintergreen (a decalcifying element), your dog or cat will get a full hygienic support.


Pure Canadian water, sodium lauryl sulphate (a gentle controled cleanser), cocamidopropyl betaine (a biodegradable cleanser derived from coconut), diethanolamine (acid oil from coconut), eucalyptus extract, wintergreen extract, cucumber juice, biosulphur, panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) and wheat germ oil, hydantoin (anti- oxidant), tetrasodium (table salt as thickening agent), violet 6B (a natural colorant from a Violet flower ), citric acid (for pH control) and natural essence of fruits.


Duo - $12.49
(shampoo + conditioner)

125 ml - $6.49

350 ml - $13.59

3,6 L - $52.49