Sensitive Skin Shampoo

This shampoo is specially formulated to keep your pet's skin flexible and its coat gleaming and silky to the touch.

Wheat germ oil containing provitamin A, vitamin E and lecithin is combined with arnica oil - a frequently used ingredient in phytotherapy to treat many types of inflammations, bruises and injuries. Together with extract of hamamelis, you will get a remarkable result.


Pure Canadian water, sodium lauryl sulphate (a gentle and controled cleanser), cocamidopropyl betaine (a biodegradable cleanser derived from coconut), diethanolamine (acid oil from coconut), hamamelis extract (a purifier element), wheat germ oil (for coat and skin hydration), arnica oil (for skin protection), hydantoin (an anti-oxidant), tetrasodium (table salt as thickening agent), violet 6B (a natural colorant made out of a Violet flower), citric acid (for pH control) and natural essence of fruits.


Duo - $12.49
(shampoo + conditioner)

125 ml - $6.49

350 ml - $13.59

3,6 L - $52.49