Intensive Cleanser
for dogs

This shampoo is specifically formulated for grooming dogs who live outside, and for indoor dogs who are seldom groomed (3 and 5 times a year). These animals' skin often accumulate a thick coat of grease (sebum) which requires a more intense cleansing. In order to meet that need, we developed a more foaming and cleansing shampoo - without being aggressive. This product will leave your dog's coat very manageable and well moisturized; in addition, it will help maintain its skin's flexibility.


Pure Canadian water, sodium laury sulphate (a gentle controled cleanser), cocamidopropyl betain ( biodegradable cleanser from coconut), diethanolamine (acid oil from coconut), extract of chamomile and extract of burdock (for hair flexibility and suppleness), extract of sage (a squama cleanser), St. John's wort oil (for skin protection), extract of honeysuckle (a natural insect repellent), tetrasodium (table salt as thichening agent), hydantoin (anti-oxidant), citric acid (for pH control), citrus fruits and cherry natural essence for a great smell.


125 ml - $5.79

350 ml - $12.49

3,6 L - $50.49