About us


I am happy to present Natural One: a product line made by Laboratoire Nature and which has evolved under my supervision for more than 15 years. I was trained as an anthropologist, and have done research in the South Pacific with the Marquesan people, and in Canada, with several native societies, but my love for animals have finally guided my steps in life. I took this decision to change paths when I met Jean-Claude Rosa, the founder of Laboratoire Nature. Mister Rosa taught me about trichology and made me discover the qualities of plants, plant extracts and essential oils and how they can help maintain a healthy capillary system, both for us humans and for our four-legged friends.

The Natural One products are made with top-quality components and the concentration of active ingredients is formulated in a strict manner in order to offer optimized hygiene care and respect the natural protection a dog's or cat's coat provides. Ultimately, the Natural One products can also be described as a line of cosmetics, since using them make coats soft and silky, and leave a gentle, usually quite appreciated smell.

I invite you to try our products!

Benoit Fortier